It’s true – health insurance premiums are going up 50% for those who buy their own policies and there will be fewer options to choose from. Nebraskans are not alone. There are steep increases in health insurance premiums across the country. So what’s a person to do? Make sure you have the facts.

  • BlueCross BlueShield will offer a Catastrophic and a Bronze HSA plan off-market only.
  • Medica offers the broadest plan choices and is available through the Marketplace and off-Market.
  • Aetna, the parent company of Coventry, will offer Marketplace plans. There are no HSA plans. Someone who qualifies for an off-market plan because of income will have to enroll through There is no off-market enrollment process for your agent to use.
  • What is the maximum out of pocket expense that you could be responsible for?
  • Networks have changed. Be certain to find out if your doctors & hospital are in the network.
  • Does the plan have a closed network of providers such as an HMO or is it a broad based PPO?
  • Are out-of-network benefits provided?
  • Drug formularies have changed. Always check the formulary to find out if a name brand drug is covered.
  • What additional services are offered? Virtual health, nurse lines, customer advocacy, price comparisons for medical services (transparency), member portals?
  • What services are being changed or reduced? One of the companies will not be sending insurance cards, except on request.
  • You are expected to download an electronic card to a smartphone or tablet

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