Value of an Agent

With all of the tools available online, it may seem like you can handle health insurance on your own. So, why should you use a health insurance agent? Because just simply, health insurance is [...]

Special Enrollment Period

Are you getting married, switching jobs, having a child, moving to a new state or celebrating your 26th birthday?  If any of these life events pertains to you, get the scoop to see if you are [...]

May ComPro Business Newsletter

The United HealthCare (UHC) withdrawal only affects individual business. UHC will continue to market and sell group policies. In-force UHC group plans are NOT affected. Here is the latest in the [...]

Transition Coverage

I am losing health insurance from my employer? Should I take COBRA or buy my own? A: Great question that comes up in several situations: *Changing jobs; *Leaving a job to start a new business; [...]

April Newsletter

Over 65 Health Insurance news mixed with a little National Pastry Day Fun! Those who were born in 1951 will turn 65 this year.  For most people, that means eligibility for Medicare benefits. [...]