2018 Medicare Update – Strictly Business February Issue

In 2015, Forbes reported that 10,000 Americans are enrolling in Medicare each day.  The statistics from CMS.gov show that Medicare enrollment totaled 58.9 million people in November 2017.  The US [...]

Making a Premium Payment on Medica Website

Need to make a premium payment using the Medica website? We show you how in this video tutorial!

Finding a Doctor

New to Medica or need to see if your doctor is considered “in-Network”? We step you through the Medica website process in this video.

Printing a New Medica Health Card

Need instructions on how and where to print off your new Medica health card?

Finding an Accountability Partner for Fitness Goals

Callie and Kayla talk about joining a boxing class for their 2018 fitness goals.

Medicare Changes in 2018

Each January there are some changes in your Medicare benefits. The deductible for Part A has increased from $1316 in 2017 to $1340 in 2018. This deductible applies each time that you are admitted [...]