Client Story: Duane – Tecumseh, NE

“You are very good and thorough at what you do for a living. I appreciate all you’ve done and hope you continue all your good work.”
By Duane – Tecumseh, NE

One of Krista’s clients in Tecumseh left her this wonderful voicemail after she has helped him get his Medicare plan rearranged to save him about $3000/year in premiums. We spent lots of time researching questions about specific health care conditions, treatments and providers and how they are covered under Medicare. By the end of the process, his county hospital administrator was involved and the insurance company had not only answered his questions via conference call but had reached out to the hospital to re-initiate the training that had been missed during 4Q 2019 that would have prepared them for handling claims with this new plan. It felt really good for him to take the initiative to reach out and leave Krista that message. She has left in on my phone until today and would listen to it a couple times a week to keep me focused during the post-enrollment period.

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