Medicaid Expansion in Nebraska

Nebraska is expanding its Medicaid program to include adults aged 19–64. The new program is called Heritage Health Adult. Those with income at or below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level may qualify for benefits. Assets are not considered in determining eligibility. When a new or updated enrollment is submitted through the Health Insurance Marketplace, the
applicant will be referred to the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services for a determination of Medicaid eligibility if their income falls within the guidelines. Anyone that becomes eligible for Medicaid will not be eligible to receive a Premium Tax Credit through the Marketplace. Those who are offered health insurance through an employer plan may also be eligible for Medicaid benefits when the income guidelines are met. The affordability of the employer plan may be a factor in determining benefit levels. Benefits are available beginning October 1, 2020. Applications are being accepted now.

Ways to apply:

  • Online at HERE
  • By phone at (855) 632-7633
  • Via paper application which can be found online at HERE
  • Contact a local DHHS office

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