How much will the COVID-19 vaccine cost?

As FDA-authorized vaccines for COVID-19 become available, there will be no cost to members of Bright Health, BCBS Armored Health, and United Healthcare tri-term and short-term to receive a vaccine. That’s because these companies will be covering the cost of the administration of the vaccine for it’s members. The vaccine itself will be available to providers at no cost until further notice. If other services are provided during the office visit where you are vaccinated, you may be responsible for those services.

How will the COVID-19 vaccine be distributed?

Availability of the vaccine will vary by community. Each state will have different guidelines that determine who will have access to the vaccination first. In general, emergency responders, healthcare workers, and the elderly will be the first to receive the vaccine. You can reach out to your local health department and your provider or pharmacy to determine when you will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

What about the number of doses and timing for taking the vaccine?

Please work with your provider to receive the correct number of doses for the brand of vaccine available. As additional vaccine brands become available, some will require one dose, and others will require two. You should return to the same provider or pharmacy for the second dose if possible. You will receive a vaccination card from the vaccination site that will tell you when to return for a second dose.

Is it recommended that I still get a flu shot?

As COVID-19 continues to spread, it is vitally important to get a flu shot this year! Getting the two illnesses together greatly increases your chances of developing serious complications. Early information from other countries shows that getting a flu shot may actually make a coronavirus infection less severe. We believe anything you can do to lower your risk of experiencing severe coronavirus and/or influenza symptoms is well worth doing.

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