Finding an Accountability Partner for Fitness Goals

Callie and Kayla talk about joining a boxing class for their 2018 fitness goals.

Medicare Changes in 2018

Each January there are some changes in your Medicare benefits. The deductible for Part A has increased from $1316 in 2017 to $1340 in 2018. This deductible applies each time that you are admitted [...]

Paying Your First Premium

Have you paid your first premium to Medica?

December Strictly Business

Health Insurance Options for Small Employers Many small employers want to know if it would be smart to offer group health insurance to their employees. The two biggest factors in this decision [...]

November Individual Newsletter

Did you get a letter from Medica or that told you the premium on your policy would be going up a huge amount in 2018?  Here is the good news – most of those letters are wrong; and [...]

Open Enrollment Begins

Open Enrollment Begins Open Enrollment for 2018 began November 1st and continues through December 15th. Despite all the conversation in Washington DC about repealing and replacing the Affordable [...]


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska is promoting July as Protect Your Back Month by focusing on strengthening your core. ComPro is participating in this “Strengthen Your Core” challenge, and [...]