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We Love Working with Small Businesses!

Small business owners can face many challenges. One of the greatest can be finding and keeping quality employees. Even with an excellent product or service to offer, it’s vital to the success of a company to have high-caliber employees to back it up. One of the best ways to find/keep quality employees is to provide them with an attractive employee benefits plan. This is where ComPro comes in!

Many health insurance agencies don’t want to bother with small clients. Not so at ComPro. We love helping small business owners. Truth be told, working with small businesses is what our Employee Benefits Team loves most!  Being a small business ourselves, we understand the unique challenges this can present. And we believe that no business is too small for us to help them with their employee benefits plan. 

When we talk about an employee benefits plan, ComPro’s offering includes the whole spectrum of coverage options – health, dental, vision, life, disability, critical illness. We work with multiple insurance carriers and know the strengths of each. This allows us to tailor solutions to best fit the unique needs of each employer. And we know that creating the right employee benefits package isn’t just about cost. It’s the right intersection of cost and benefits. We bring together a cost-effective plan with the benefits you need from a carrier that has a proven track record. Even if you are just beginning a benefits program, we can find you an affordable option in our mix.  

We understand that although owners may know their industry inside and out, handling Human Resources, Benefits Management and Finances are pieces of ownership that may be outside of their comfort-zone.  That’s exactly what we are here for!  Our Employee Benefits Team is a group of smart people who decided to learn a lot about health insurance, and who want to use this knowledge to help small businesses. 

We highly value developing long-term relationships with our clients. For this reason, we provide them with great customer service and advocate for them when needed. Practicing ridiculous responsiveness is one of the main ways that we best demonstrate to our clients that we are here for them. Our Employee Benefits Team will take the time to get to know you and your company to provide an employee benefits plan that best fits your company’s needs. And they will guide you through any questions you have in making an educated decision on this.

For more information, contact ComPro at 402.488.5100 or visit our website at Located at 1040 N. Cotner Blvd. in Lincoln.

By Kayla Northup, Employee Benefits Sales Manager/Agent, ComPro

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