ComPro is honoring Patriotism this month by honoring two families with a day out prize package!

Open Enrollment is Over?

If you missed the open enrollment deadline you can still get short-term coverage.

Back to School?

The ComPro family is learning how the new health care system works for our clients by sitting through webinars and making countless phone calls.

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Wellness BLog

Oh, Bother!

Bugs are always annoying in the summer  what methods actually work? 1) Wet Wipes- citrus flavored 2) 2 tsp. pure vanilla or oil – 1/4 cup lemon juice – 10 drops lavender oil mix with water and spray away 3) Johnson’s creamy baby oil with aloe and vitamin E      

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Wellness BLog

Fried Lobster!

Sunburns – We have all probably looked like red lobsters in the summer a few times in our lives and we know that we probably should have put more sunscreen on. But you can also eat certain foods to help aid your body in the fight to defend off the suns harmful rays. Kayla’s personal tip […]

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Honoring Patriotism

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