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Impact of Life Changes on Health Insurance

This is the time of year when life changes happen – graduations, new jobs, retirements, relocation. Hurray for all those great celebrations. However, each of these can also impact you

Using Health Insurance While Traveling

Many people have decided that it’s time to catch up on travel plans that were deferred during the pandemic. As you get ready to enjoy your time away, here are

The Latest On Telemedicine

TELEMEDICINE BENEFITS & LIMITATIONS Telemedicine tools are offered by most health insurance plans. Benefits of using a telehealth doctor visit include lower copays, shorter wait times compared to sitting in

ComPro Receives Special Recognition for 2021 Medicare Sales

ComPro places a high value on helping their Medicare clients choose the best plan for their health and prescription drug needs. And this commitment to helping their clients has resulted

Market Outlook for Employee Benefits

Set up your payment method with the insurance carrier. Each company offers options that include an automatic deduction from your bank account, credit card, or direct bill.

RX Costs Are on the Rise

The rising costs of prescriptions are a serious issue for many people. Each client that we work with is very aware of their current expense and realizes that a new

Market Outlook for Employee Benefits

Our world has been upended in the last two years. Businesses and employees have had to adapt to unprecedented changes and uncertainty. Covid-19 has created new norms, new rhythms of


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