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HR Success for Small Business Owners

Our Employee Benefits Team is passionate about helping small businesses design, implement and carry out their employee benefits plans. We work hard to do the heavy lifting which allows our clients to spend more time in their field of work and less on Benefits and Human Resources. 

HR360: One of the ways we assist small businesses is by offering HR360 free of charge! HR360 is a premier online human resources library that is designed with small business owners in mind. Here are a few of HR360’s many offerings:

Steps to HR Success: HR360 presents all of the key responsibilities for Human Resources in “How To” interactive guides to give you a clear approach to understanding & managing important HR tasks. This simplifies the process and equips you to have success in this role.

Performance Review Builder: This takes the pain out of preparing reviews. You can select an evaluation based upon the employee’s occupation or customize it based upon 20 performance categories.

Total Compensation Statement Builder: A total compensation statement communicates the entire value of an employee’s compensation package. This helps employees realize the value of their “hidden” benefits and can be eye-opening to see all that their employer is providing.

Ease:  This is another tool we offer at no cost to help small businesses. Ease simplifies benefits enrollment and administration, allowing an employer to say good-bye to paper. This is a cloud-based software that enhances both the employer & the employee experience by promoting better decisions, faster enrollment and 24/7 access to benefit information. Employees make smarter decisions with copays, coverage, benefit summaries and actual costs at their fingertips.

Ease integrates with other systems including payroll vendors. We provide training and support so that our clients can get the most out of the system’s capabilities. 

Advocating: While software and programs are great, we know that oftentimes what a person wants most is someone on the other end of the phone who cares enough to help. That’s where ComPro really shines. Your problems are our problems. If an employee is having trouble accessing care or there is a plan level problem, we WANT to help. We understand that insurance issues can feel overwhelming to untangle on your own. We know the people and pathways to find the best solution.

Education: To get the most out of your benefits plan dollars, employees must understand how the plans work and how use them. We run employee meetings and work with your staff on a one-on-one basis as needed.  We’ve done the work of learning all about the insurance field and we know how to present it in a way that is understandable to your staff. The result? You make the most of your dollars spent by ensuring your staff knows how to get the most out of their benefits.

For more information, contact ComPro at (402) 488-5100 or visit We also offer insurance plans for individual, family and Medicare. Located at 1040 N. Cotner Blvd. in Lincoln.

By Kayla Northup, Employee Benefits Sales Manager/Agent, ComPro

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