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Important considerations for Open Enrollment 2023

Open Enrollment has begun! Here are some important items related to enrollment that you will want to consider as part of selecting your coverage for 2023.

Changes in the “Family Glitch” will give many people access to coverage through The “Family Glitch” refers to a rule within the Affordable Care Act that determines when an employer plan is affordable. The old rule based the calculation on the cost of employee only coverage and did not consider what the cost was to insure a family. The result has been that many family members went without insurance coverage because they could not afford the premium. Beginning in 2023, the rule has been changed. Now we will be able to base the calculation on the cost for family coverage in an employer plan. It will likely mean that an employee will enroll in the employer plan and the rest of the family may be eligible to get a Premium Tax Credit to enroll in a plan through

Bright Health is leaving the Nebraska market and will not be available in 2023. Those who have Bright Health in 2022 have been sent a letter from announcing that they have been assigned to a policy with a different company for 2023. We can update your application and work with you to make your own policy selection for next year. If you don’t do anything, your coverage will default to the policy and premium that has been preselected for you.

Make sure that your preferred doctors are in-network. As new companies have come to Nebraska, one of their biggest challenges is adding Nebraska doctors and hospitals to their networks of providers. The networks are not yet complete in some circumstances and some doctors choose not to participate in every network. It is extremely important to carefully research whether your preferred doctors are an in-network provider with each plan that you are considering. The agents at ComPro can assist you with this.

There will be 107 options in Lancaster County to consider for 2023. This is more than ever before. Our agents have invested time in reviewing these options so they can present to their clients the best ones available to meet their health and financial needs. They take what can be an overwhelming decision and make it simple and understandable. We place high value on educating our clients about their health insurance so they can make an informed decision.

Our ComPro Team is here to help you! Call 402.488.5100 to make an appointment. This enrollment period continues through January 15, 2023. We look forward to helping you find the 2023 health plan that is just right for you. Located at 1040 N. Cotner Blvd. in Lincoln. Visit our website at

By Chris McPike – Individual & Senior Benefits Manager, Agent

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