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I need advice about health insurance.

You have come to the right place! Your options may include COBRA from your employer, an ACA-compliant policy or a short-term health plan. We’ll help you learn the pluses, minuses and costs with each so you can make an informed decision.

I’m interested in a dental, vision or travel plan.

Trying to decide which is best…to have dental and vision insurance or to pay for these expenses out-of-pocket? We can help! Premiums for private plans vary widely, and you can opt for a low-cost plan. We’ll walk you through your options for this and other ancillary plans including travel insurance.

Should I consider Marketplace insurance?

Recent legislation has widened the opportunity for people to qualify for Marketplace insurance. This means that you could be eligible for health insurance at a lower monthly premium. We can assist you with determining if you qualify for this.

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Marketplace Insurance

This health insurance option complies with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and is for individuals & families under 65 years old that do not have access to affordable health insurance through an employer or government program such as Medicare or Medicaid. The premium is based upon household income. There are specific enrollment periods when you are allowed to apply for coverage.


Other ACA-compliant

Those who do not meet the eligibility or income guidelines for Marketplace coverage may apply directly with an insurance company. The premium will not be adjusted based upon income. There are specific enrollment periods when you are allowed to apply for coverage.

Short Term

Short Term Insurance

Short term plans are designed to provide limited benefits. A variety of plans are available. Approval will be based upon a review of your health history. You can apply at any time.

& Vision

Dental & Vision

Choose from several dental and vision insurance plans designed to meet your needs and lower the cost of care. You can apply at any time.


Travel Insurance

Most health insurance plans do not provide benefits when you are traveling outside of the United States. Travel insurance provides a simple and low-cost solution to protect your health and incidental expenses that can happen while you are away from home. You can apply at any time.


Other Ancillary

Accident plans, Hospital Indemnity, Cancer / Heart plans, & Wellness plans can be an effective way to improve your benefits and lower the financial risk of having to pay maximum medical expenses of several thousand dollars. You can apply at any time.

Say hi to our Individual & Family Benefits agents.

You can rely on our agents to know how to guide you through the enrollment process and determine how the eligibility criteria will apply. We’ll help you find the plan that is best for your health care and financial needs. Our agents are certified on and have been working with this entity since its inception in 2013.

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