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Preventive Care Benefits


If you are insured by a policy through, your preventive care benefits are provided at no charge. There are guidelines based on gender and age. Use this LINK to see the lists of services that are available.

Taking care of your health isn’t the only benefit of using preventive care. Many insurance companies offer rewards programs where you earn cash or points when you get a physical or practice healthy habits:

Medica My Health Rewards
Bright Health Rewards
Ambetter My Health Pays
Oscar: Oscar App

If you have a limited benefit plan, then check your policy or call ComPro to learn about preventive care benefits.


Is 2022 the year when you’re finally doing some travel or maybe getting to take that cruise that was cancelled twice due to COVID-19? If yes, it’s important to check your health insurance plan benefits to know what to do in case you need some health care while you are traveling. Emergency services are always covered as in-network expenses within the country, but other services may be out-of-network.

If your travel plans include an international destination, then PLEASE call us for a quote on travel medical benefits. Your individual health insurance policy does NOT provide international benefits. If a medical event happens while you are out of the country, there may be costs other than medical for which you will be charged. It is in YOUR best interest to not leave the country without an international travel medical policy.


Summertime often includes lots of life events – weddings, graduations, retirements, job changes, babies, relocation to a new state, etc. Woo-hoo for all of these celebrations! But a life event usually triggers a “Special Enrollment Period” that gives you a 60-day window to enroll in a new health plan or make changes to your current health plan. Our agents are here to advise you on what your options are as they relate to each life event. Give us a call at (402) 488-5100 to discuss your options!



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