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Important Considerations Regarding Your 2022 Health Plan

There are very important considerations to keep in mind as you evaluate your current health plan to make a decision on your 2022 health plan. They include the following:

Understanding the impact being made by addition of new insurance companies: Open Enrollment looks A LOT different this year. Nebraska has gone from having only one insurance company available just a few years ago, to having four companies in 2022. And the number of benefit plans and networks that each company is offering has EXPLODED.Throughout the state of Nebraska there is a minimum of 70 plans available in each county. How are you going to know which of the 70 plans is the right choice for you and your family? Your ComPro agent is here to educate and guide you through this process.

Here’s a summary of the companies and networks available in Nebraska in 2022:

  • Medica
    • Medica Insure: Available throughout the state
    • Medica with CHI: Available in counties with CHI affiliated hospitals
    • Elevate by Medica: Available in the Omaha metro
  • Bright HealthCare
    • Statewide: Available throughout the state
    • NHN|BHC: Available in the Omaha & Lincoln metro areas
  • AmBetter
    • Nebraska Total Care: Available throughout the state
  • Oscar
    • Oscar: Available throughout the state

Making sure that your doctor is in-network: As the new companies have come to Nebraska, one of their biggest challenges is adding Nebraska doctors and hospitals to their networks of providers. The networks are not yet complete in some circumstances and some doctors choose not to participate in every network. It is extremely important to carefully research whether your doctor is an in-network provider with each plan that you are considering. This is another important way that your ComPro agent can assist you.

Learning about how premium tax credits have changed: The Premium Tax Credit (PTC) calculations have radically changed for 2022. Most people are seeing a significant decrease in the PTC which results in a much higher premium for you to pay. A couple in their late 50s living in Waverly, NE with a household income of $45,000 were eligible for a PTC of $2,530 in 2021. With no change in income, the PTC for 2022 is now only $1,964. When these types of changes occur, your ComPro agent will research all the plans to find the best fit for you.

Our ComPro Team is here to help you! Call 402.488.5100 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you find the 2022 health plan that is just right for you! Located at 1040 N. Cotner Blvd. in Lincoln. Visit our website at

By Chris McPike – Location Manager, Agent

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