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Where It All Began


ComPro is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! How did ComPro get its start? It’s one of those stories that literally began with a phone book and a desk in the corner. Brian and Chris moved to Lincoln in 1986, primarily due to a job offer for Chris. Brian had begun his insurance career in Missouri and was eager to get started in Lincoln as a health insurance specialist.
Jack Campbell, a great man, and General Agent for the Mass Mutual Life Insurance agency offered Brian the opportunity to become the health insurance specialist for Mass Mutual. Brian’s job was to offer his help to the Mass Mutual life insurance agents when there was an interest in health insurance for their clients.

Jack showed Brian a very small room with four desks in it and said that he could use one of them along with the phone and phone book that came with it. The business was very slow-going at first. It took time to build relationships with the agents at Mass Mutual.


Patience, persistence, and excellent work paid off. In 1991, Jack offered to incorporate with Brian and so Compensation Programs, Inc. (dba: Compensation Programs, or ComPro for short) began! As Brian gained experience and his reputation became more well known, he started to receive referrals from a growing number of agents and was successfully cultivating his own list of clients.
In 2000, Brian said goodbye to his Mass Mutual office to set up his own ComPro office. This led to more growth and expanding the staff. Chris left her job in broadcasting to join ComPro with Brian. Brian focused on Employee Benefits while Chris began building their Individual Health Insurance product business.
ComPro moved to its present location at 1040 N. Cotner Blvd. in 2011. The success that ComPro experienced led to being awarded General Agency contracts with several health insurance companies and the responsibility of supporting many independent agents. Their next strategic move was adding Medicare products to ComPro’s lines of business.


New agents and support staff continue to be added to our operation. Credit to our success may have started with Brian at a desk with a phone book, but ComPro has truly prospered because of the tremendous staff and the core values we implement as the ComPro Team: Integrity, Expertise, Ridiculous Responsiveness and Work Hard Play Hard. They truly are our secret sauce.


Our industry is marked by constant change. This means that the ComPro Team will continue to keep abreast of legislative actions that involve our industry and impact our clients. We’ll stay educated about insurance companies newly entering the Nebraska marketplace or their changing product lines (and we know of a few happening in 2022). We know that being aware of trends in the health insurance market is vital. For example, we know that our aging population is having a tremendous effect on Medicare products, and that telehealth has impacted the ways healthcare providers offer their services and how patients interact with their physicians. This will continue to evolve. It is our commitment to continue to use our knowledge, experience, and expertise with health insurance to help our clients connect the dots of their health insurance.


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