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As health insurance specialists, ComPro has the tools you need to offer coverage to your clients, whether they need employee benefit plans or individual or family coverage.

Your relationship with your clients is strengthened when you add ComPro’s services to your portfolio. ComPro will handle the quoting for new business and renewals, and assist you in presenting health care coverage to your client. Then we coordinate the enrollment and all service and claims issues. ComPro’s staff is certified to complete enrollments on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

We have been with ComPro since probably 1990. They’ve solved a lot of problems for us over the years. They always found what we needed and they’re great at contacting the companies when we need information. They go to bat for us, figuring things out so we don’t have to. I can call Melisa and get answers to any of my questions. ComPro finds us the best deals and are always very helpful. – Patty Herman, Interior Systems, Lincoln NE.

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We navigate the complex health insurance market, looking for the best possible products and staying current with the latest developments in the industry. You can be assured that with ComPro, you and your clients receive the most up-to-date and competitive information regarding issues such as health care reform, COBRA, taxation and compliance.

Our online toolbox includes the forms you need, carrier contacts and access to information on networks and providers.

Family and Individual Coverage

  • Health insurance plans offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace and directly from insurance companies.
  • Dental plans
  • Medicare Supplement programs
  • Short-term medical coverage
  • Travel plans

Employee Benefits

  • Group medical insurance
  • Health reimbursement accounts
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Self-funded plans
  • Group life insurance
  • Group dental
  • Group vision
  • Group long-term disability and short-term disability


ComPro is currently licensed in Colorado Illinois, Iowa Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Wyoming.

Our partnership with outside agents is distinctive of our ComPro mission. As compensation for our services, we split the commission with the agent.

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