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People have more choices than ever before in deciding where to seek medical care. Consider these options that can save you time and money.

Telehealth is the most convenient and affordable method to be treated for minor illnesses. Did you know that it’s also available for behavioral health services and you can schedule with the same provider each time? Telehealth comes in very handy when traveling and a minor medical need arises. Many people chose Telehealth visits for medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result? Increased comfortability with a video call to speak with a medical professional.

Primary Care is the recommended choice for non-emergency care. This is the place where your personal health concerns will be best known. This is because your healthcare provider will already be familiar with your health history. With many health insurance plans, an in-network primary care office visit is one of the most cost-effective places to receive care.

Retail Health Clinics are conveniently located within stores and pharmacies and usually offer evening and weekend hours. These clinics typically offer preventive care such as vaccinations and treatment for minor medical problems.

Urgent Care Centers offer walk-in visits and have extended hours. Urgent Care visits are usually more costly than other options but they can be a great solution when your primary care office is closed.


Small business owners can face many challenges. One of the greatest can be finding and keeping quality employees. Even with an excellent product or service to offer, it’s vital to the success of a company to have high-caliber employees to back it up. One of the best ways to find/keep quality employees is to provide them with an attractive employee benefits plan. This is where ComPro comes in! When we talk about an employee benefits plan, ComPro’s offering includes the whole spectrum of coverage options – health, dental, vision, life, disability, critical illness. We work with multiple insurance carriers and know the strengths of each. This allows us to tailor solutions to best fit the unique needs of each employer.

We understand that although owners may know their industry inside and out, handling Human Resources, Benefits Management and Finances are pieces of ownership that may be outside of their comfort zone. That’s exactly what we are here for! Our Employee Benefits Team is a group of smart people who decided to learn a lot about health insurance, and who want to use this knowledge to help small businesses.

If you know of a business owner or HR Manager that could benefit from our services, please let us know!  Or pass our name along. We want to help more small businesses succeed by building an employee benefits plan that attracts and retains the best employees.



Did you know the free subscription that we provide our clients to HR360 includes a Performance Review Builder? Take the pain out of preparing annual employee reviews and systemize the process. It’s customizable and allows you to analyze employees on the criteria you deem most important. If you haven’t used HR360 lately, contact your Account Manager and they can send you your log-in credentials.


ComPro will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in July! Since its onset, Employee Benefits have been part of ComPro’s product offering. Our Employee Benefits Team wants to use their knowledge to help small businesses. And through these many years of doing just that…this team knows how to bring together a cost-effective plan with the benefits each client needs from a carrier that has a proven track record. We look forward to many more years to of serving our clients in this way.


Congrats to Megan, one of our Employee Benefits Team agents, on the birth of this little cutie who she and her husband Matt named Leo. For Megan and Matt, this is child number three…so now let the real fun begin!


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