Krista Peeks Dittman   

Individual & Senior Benefits Agent

Krista comes to ComPro as new to the health insurance industry, but she brings a wealth of knowledge as a small business owner and a teacher. That is a perfect combination to educate and inform our individual clients as she helps them make decisions for their health insurance coverage. She works one to one with clients, reviews their options, then guides them through the enrollment process. She taught and speaks German. You can also ask her about being a cheese maker. Krista enjoys both travel and food adventures.

  • Keith B. stopped in our office today for an appointment, and as we were talking, he impressed upon me how easy it was working with Krista. He said she was pleasant, patient, and he felt very comfortable asking questions. He said for someone who doesn’t have a mind for insurance/enrollment, Krista made it quite simple.

    Amy G.