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ComPro is committed to Clients First. We work one-on-one with each client. This means finding health insurance solutions that satisfy their unique priorities. It also means being dedicated to quick and accurate responses to policy service or claims issues.  The staff at ComPro will be knowledgeable as the market adapts and as the laws governing our business continue to change. We work as a team and value the strong relationships that we build with our clients. We’ve got you covered!

2017 Videos

Brian & Kayla discuss Employee Benefits

Overview of Nebraska Insurer Network

Medica Letters

65+ Annual Enrollment Reminder

Increasing Premiums for 2017

65+ Annual Enrollment Reminder

Group Insurance Premiums for 2017

Increasing Premiums for 2017

2016 Videos

Special Enrollment Period

Are you getting married, switching jobs, having a child, moving to a new state or celebrating your 26th birthday?  If any of these life events pertains to you, get the scoop to see if you are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP.)

Value of an Agent

With all of the tools available online, it may seem like you can handle health insurance on your own. So, why should you use a health insurance agent?

Because just simply, health insurance is confusing. We understand all the technical building blocks of the policy. We use those to guide you to the best plan for your employees, business or for your family.

Employee Benefits

The Group Renewal Process

Brian and Kayla walk you through how a groups policy is renewed here at ComPro

Intro to Telehealth

What is Telehealth, Tele-Medicine, Virtual Medicine? It is a service offered by the insurance carriers that became available on January 1 2016.

Updates on qualifying for a small group health insurance plan

Rules for qualifying for a small group health plan have changed. Brian McPike has the updates. #HealthInsuranceSimplified

POP Plan

Everything to know about a POP plan

Deductible Accumulation

What occurs on January 1 of every year to your deductible and out-of-pocket-maximum? Brian has the details on what elements of you coverage go to your deductible and which ones go to your maximum out-of-pocket.

2016 Group Rates

What do we expect the group rates to be for 2016?

Brian Northup: Why should you get Health Insurance


As more parts of the Health Care Reform act are implemented we are getting new complicated factors that people have to deal with. There will be many changes if you have an individual or family policy there will be many changes. Check out the video of Chris to get the scoop.

Renewing Coverage

The details on renewing coverage through the Marketplace can be confusing. Chris shares steps and advice on how to ensure that you not only have coverage for 2015-2016 but that you have the most appropriate plan for you and or for your family.


There are two routes when purchasing individual or a family coverage health insurance policy for 2016. One of these routes is through the Health Insurance Marketplace the other is to buy directly from your insurance company. How do you decide whether or not you should use the Marketplace? Melisa has the answers.

Cost Transparancy

Chris McPike of ComPro was included in a forum hosted by Congressman Fortenberry on Health Care cost transparency in Nebraska. Check out the scoop, and see how this new proposal could expand your options for health care.



Making Healthy Changes

Customer Service


Who We Are

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