Get your customers covered during Open Enrollment with Short Term Medical plans through Allstate Health Solutions. With a wide range of

deductibles and coinsurances, these STM plans offer a number of options, so you can find just the right fit for your customers.
With flexible coverage periods, they can choose plan lengths [1], from one to three years, for both individuals and families.

Agent recommendation

A 36-month renewal plan is a great choice for convenience and certainty. Quote once and your customers have three years of coverage for doctor visits, preventive care services, emergency room visits, hospital stays, and gain access to pharmacy benefits and discount options.

Bonus: You receive the same commission rate for each policy period.


Pro selling tip: Level up with supplementals.

Package their STM plan with supplemental coverage to help with out-of-pocket costs.

Now available: STM HSA Compatible plans.
Now your customers can take advantage of the savings an HSA account [2] can offer, with our STM plans.

Download the flyer to learn more about this brand-new offering.

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Plan availability varies by state. Limitations and exclusions apply.

1 Plan durations vary by state. Short Term Medical continuous coverage options and availability vary by state. All options must be selected at the time of purchase.

2 If your customers do not already have an HSA account, they should contact the financial institution of their choice to establish one.

BCBS: Armor Health 36-Month Extension Offer

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska’s (BCBSNE) current Armor Health policies run on a 12-month cycle; however, we have made some exciting enhancements and will begin offering Armor Health plans up to 36 months beginning Jan. 1, 2024.

Brokers and Members can accept the 36-month offer easily in the Broker Business Portal (BBP) or in their account starting mid-November. All members will receive the 36-month offer in November, even if they have a re-enrollment date outside of January.

United Healthcare

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Make more with EFT.

With the “Make More” Incentive you can make even more when your clients choose EFT as their monthly payment method! Golden Rule Ins. Co. customers who use EFT as their payment method tend to have better persistency than those who use credit card, which is better for you and them. Less risk of forgotten payments, no canceled credit cards, just consistent on-time payments made easy with EFT (which means on-time commission payments for you)! Help ensure they keep the medical coverage they need by choosing EFT when submitting their application.

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